Saturday, August 21, 2010

Daddy Ken and Horses

Daddy Ken loved horses! When Glenn Jr. asked him to take care of their horses while they were gone for a week he jumped right in there and did it.

When he was a small boy, as he always told the story, he rode his horse up to his elementary school and in one door and out the other. Of course, he got in trouble but he had a story to tell the rest of his life!

When I was a teenager, Daddy Ken bought a horse named June. Although it was kept out in the country I got to ride it quite often. I would even bring her back to our house and ride her in the field of Johnson grass behind our house.

I guess Daddy Ken always had that "cowboy" blood in him and in these photos you can see a little of it.

Another memory from Steve.


Staci said...

He looked handsome on a horse! When were these pictures from?

Steve and Joan said...

Staci, these pictures were taken just outside Temple at Glenn Jr.'s house.

Leave It To Davis said...

I never heard that story about him riding his horse into the school. I am glad you heard things that I never heard so you can tell them now. Great pictures. I never saw these. Please keep posting on here. Love it!!!

Ginger said...

He does look handsome in these pics. I'm like mom...please keep posting on here.