Sunday, August 5, 2007

Goodbye to an Old Friend!

Today I was going to sew up a pillow case that had come apart. The sewing machine would not work, so I asked Kenneth if he would take it out of the cabinet and let's take it to the repair shop and get it serviced. When we walked in the man said he could tell it was a very old Singer and hoped it did not have plastic gears. He said he would not charge us to check it out. When he took it apart, sure enough they were plastic gears and very soft and needed replacing. He said to repair it would cost a minimum of $250 and the machine was not worth it. He said if it was his he would not repair it, because the motor is over 40 years old and could go out any time. He said he had a barn full of Singers just like it and they will not even buy them for scrap anymore. So we just left it and walked out. I kept my composure til I got in the car and then I had to cry. I came home and used a needle and thread to try to repair the pillow case. After 30 minutes, Kenneth asked me what I was doing and I said next time one splits, I am just going to throw it away. It was too hard to do by hand and then it looked terrible and I stuck myself several times. Now we have a cabinet that is of no use.

It was sad to say "goodbye" to it. I made a lot of clothes with it - for Cindy, you, Mamaw, Nanmama, me, and Kenneth and I think even Ginger when she was little. Kenneth said I got my money's woth out of it. But I thought if I bought a singer and serviced ever once in a while it would like a lifetime.