Wednesday, June 13, 2007

another try by Daddy Ken

We are going to the movies today just because of you. Jo Faye said you sent money for us to go .We have not been for a long time .It is my fault Just don't think it is worth the money. We could buy one for less coast .Also we can get some of Cindy movies to watch.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Know Who!

These are some of the cousins. Starting at the bottom, Tyler, Caleb, Josh, Staci, Jon, Ginger, and Julie. Of course Bryan and Brady are missing.

This is Steve riding a monstor bike! (notice the riding gloves he is wearing!)

Who am I ?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Kenneth's Cousin - Rob

Yesterday, May 31, Kenneth, Steve, and I attended Rob's funeral (Kenneth's cousin), which was a celebration of his life. Steve surprised us by calling and I asked him how the weather was there and he said it was hazy. I said it was hazy here, too. Then he told me he was about 30 miles away. I was so happy that he was coming to go with us. Steve had to work after he got here. He brought his laptop and set it up in the middle bedroom and worked til noon.

It was wonderful seeing relatives we had not seen in years. I cannot remember when so many relatives gathered since Mama Mary's funeral. They came from everywhere- as far away as San Diego. That says a lot for Rob. I have never heard any more nice things said about anyone before. He will be missed. The eulogy was beautiful and the front of the church was covered in gorgeous flowers. The church was packed.

Steve pointed out to me on the program "Gene Stallings" - which meant nothing to me at the time, but he later told me he had coached the Cowboys with Tom Landry at one time. His daughter married Keith (Rob's son). They talked about Rob's sense of humor and how he had asked Joe Baisden (the preacher) to keep the service upbeat and sing lots of songs, which they did.

We followed the hearse to the cemetery (which was several miles) and waited and waited for the family to show up (only family were to go to the cemetery), but it was getting late and we had not had lunch, it was hot and the ground was soft and hard to stand on. My heels had mud half was up.

Anyway, we left, as a couple of others had done also. On our way back, we met the family (about 10 cars), but we did not turn around and go back. We went to Chick-Fil-A where Bryan works and ate lunch. We even shared a milk shake (mint cookies and cream - delicious!) We saw Bryan and he was totally surprised saying "What are y'all doing here?" He was mostly surprised to see Steve.

We came home and changed our clothes and Steve started getting his things together. Cindy called to talk to Steve and then Staci called and it was funny watching that - Steve holding the cell phone (on speaker) next to the land phone so Cindy and Staci could talk to each other. Technology today is mind boggling, to me. Steve left about 6 and called us twice, once after the "Y" and then just before he got home. We are always so thankful to learn that he made it home safely!