Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good News! Thank you!!!

Kenneth had tests Monday and we got the results today. Our Dr. said he had "good news" - three doctors had looked at the MRI and they all determined that the brain tumor was gone. The left temporal lobe has no evidence of cancer. The lung tumor has shrunk to .7 millimeters and the liver tumor has shrunk to .8 millimeters. Our Dr. said the blood test shows that he is anemic, low on iron - the chemo has killed red blood cells and the white blood cells have dropped from the chemo. That is why he is so weak!!!! Our Dr. thinks that in about 6 weeks he will start to improve. He said that he gave Kenneth VERY STRONG chemo and that most people over 70 cannot tolerate that dosage, but he thought Kenneth did well, even though in my eyes he has NOT done well. He fell this morning before we went to he doctor. I am thankful he did not hit his head. He is just so very weak. I am supposed to make him drink milk shakes, Ensure (Glucerna), and eat, eat eat!!! Kenneth has to go back April 24 to see the Dr. We are through with chemo for now. the Dr. said eventually he will have to have more chemo, but not for a while.

We want to thank you for your prayers and concern. God has been good to us and answered the prayers.

Jo Faye