Sunday, April 6, 2008

Setback - Need Your Prayers!

Although our last posting had good news and Kenneth's prognosis was good, he began to have a lot of trouble balancing. He fell several times last weekend, once on his face in the street. On Monday his regular doctor gave him a check-up and told JoFaye to take him to the emergency room right then. They admitted him and began to pump fluids into him and run tests. The tests came back with good results and Kenneth began to feel better. He even picked up the pace down the hospital hallway and surprised Jo Faye.

She left the hospital that night feeling good about his recovery, but at 8 p.m. Kenneth fell in the hospital room bathroom and broke his hip.

Kenneth's hip surgery was succesful but they are giving him morphene for the pain and he just doesn't handle morphene very well to say the least. He has been totally out of it all week which really makes it hard on Jo Faye. He really doesn't know what he is doing and we hope he doesn't remember what he did.

Kenneth will have a longer recovery now - not just getting over the chemo but now recovering from a broken hip and surgery. We covet your prayers for both Kenneth and Jo Faye. Oh, and Kenneth's big concern right now is that his puppies are o.k., so if you come to visit him let him know that they are doing just fine but they miss him.