Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Memorable Trip to Yellowstone

Grand Teton Mountains

It was August 1, 1949. I had just turned 15 in July. I was really excited about this month long trip I was leaving on with my Aunt Faye (my dad's sister), Uncle Ishmael, and my cousins Victor (he was 12) and Sheila (she was younger than Victor - do not remember the age difference). They picked me up on the first of August and we did not return until August 31. I remember they had a new car (do not know the make), but it was black and I remember they had a window a/c unit and I thought that was really something.

I wish I could remember everything about the trip, but it has been nearly 60 years and memory fades. I do know I had a very good time (the experience of a lifetime) and they were so good to me. They paid for my entire trip. I could not have gone otherwise.

I do not remember all the places we went, but I do remember going to Salt Lake City, Utah, and touring the Morman grounds and tabernacle. It was beautiful - the grounds and the tabernacle.

I was awestruck over the fact that we sat in the back of the tabernacle and they dropped a pin down front and we could hear it when it hit the floor. The organ was beautiful.

Before we left SLC, we went to the Salt Lake and Uncle Ishmael, Victor, and I got in the lake. I could not swim (and still can't), but you cannot drown in it - we just floated around for a while and that was fun.

We stayed at a Dude Ranch in Colorado and rode horses - mine had to just "walk"
with me.

We had a cottage at the ranch and there was a little creek that ran behind the cottage. I know we were there one weekend as I remember having a devotional there and they had the crackers and grape juice. My aunt and uncle did the cooking while we were there.

I remember going to Pike's Peak and Aunt Faye took my picture in front of the Pike's Peak sign. I had on a big plaid dress and had my hair up in rollers.

We spent several days in Yellowstone National Park and stayed in a log cabin.

We had to walk about a block to the "outhouse." On one of the trips, people were upset as a bear had been spotted in the camp.

There was a cafeteria not too far from our cabin (we ate most of our meals in the cabin), but we did go to the cafeteria a couple of times. It was very rustic, but good food and they had lots of sourveniers from which to select. Aunt Faye gave Victor and me some money (do not remember how much) that we could buy whatever we wanted. I bought a silver hotplate that had park scenery on it and a salt and pepper set which I thought was so cute. I gave it to Joan several years ago for her collection. It was the stump of a tree with a bear on each side hanging on a branch (one salt and the other pepper, of course).

I remember going to the site of "Old Faithful" and waiting for it to erupt. That is something to see!!!

We also saw some waterfalls.

We also went to a ghost town that had once been a mining town.

That is about all I remember - wish I had kept a log and had had a camera. I am anxious for Steve and Joan to get back from their trip and send us pictures.