Saturday, November 3, 2007

new try



This is my first try at three pictures on one blog.
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CINDY"S tree


As i cut down cind's big tree in front yard.
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Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Memorable Trip to Yellowstone

Grand Teton Mountains

It was August 1, 1949. I had just turned 15 in July. I was really excited about this month long trip I was leaving on with my Aunt Faye (my dad's sister), Uncle Ishmael, and my cousins Victor (he was 12) and Sheila (she was younger than Victor - do not remember the age difference). They picked me up on the first of August and we did not return until August 31. I remember they had a new car (do not know the make), but it was black and I remember they had a window a/c unit and I thought that was really something.

I wish I could remember everything about the trip, but it has been nearly 60 years and memory fades. I do know I had a very good time (the experience of a lifetime) and they were so good to me. They paid for my entire trip. I could not have gone otherwise.

I do not remember all the places we went, but I do remember going to Salt Lake City, Utah, and touring the Morman grounds and tabernacle. It was beautiful - the grounds and the tabernacle.

I was awestruck over the fact that we sat in the back of the tabernacle and they dropped a pin down front and we could hear it when it hit the floor. The organ was beautiful.

Before we left SLC, we went to the Salt Lake and Uncle Ishmael, Victor, and I got in the lake. I could not swim (and still can't), but you cannot drown in it - we just floated around for a while and that was fun.

We stayed at a Dude Ranch in Colorado and rode horses - mine had to just "walk"
with me.

We had a cottage at the ranch and there was a little creek that ran behind the cottage. I know we were there one weekend as I remember having a devotional there and they had the crackers and grape juice. My aunt and uncle did the cooking while we were there.

I remember going to Pike's Peak and Aunt Faye took my picture in front of the Pike's Peak sign. I had on a big plaid dress and had my hair up in rollers.

We spent several days in Yellowstone National Park and stayed in a log cabin.

We had to walk about a block to the "outhouse." On one of the trips, people were upset as a bear had been spotted in the camp.

There was a cafeteria not too far from our cabin (we ate most of our meals in the cabin), but we did go to the cafeteria a couple of times. It was very rustic, but good food and they had lots of sourveniers from which to select. Aunt Faye gave Victor and me some money (do not remember how much) that we could buy whatever we wanted. I bought a silver hotplate that had park scenery on it and a salt and pepper set which I thought was so cute. I gave it to Joan several years ago for her collection. It was the stump of a tree with a bear on each side hanging on a branch (one salt and the other pepper, of course).

I remember going to the site of "Old Faithful" and waiting for it to erupt. That is something to see!!!

We also saw some waterfalls.

We also went to a ghost town that had once been a mining town.

That is about all I remember - wish I had kept a log and had had a camera. I am anxious for Steve and Joan to get back from their trip and send us pictures.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Goodbye to an Old Friend!

Today I was going to sew up a pillow case that had come apart. The sewing machine would not work, so I asked Kenneth if he would take it out of the cabinet and let's take it to the repair shop and get it serviced. When we walked in the man said he could tell it was a very old Singer and hoped it did not have plastic gears. He said he would not charge us to check it out. When he took it apart, sure enough they were plastic gears and very soft and needed replacing. He said to repair it would cost a minimum of $250 and the machine was not worth it. He said if it was his he would not repair it, because the motor is over 40 years old and could go out any time. He said he had a barn full of Singers just like it and they will not even buy them for scrap anymore. So we just left it and walked out. I kept my composure til I got in the car and then I had to cry. I came home and used a needle and thread to try to repair the pillow case. After 30 minutes, Kenneth asked me what I was doing and I said next time one splits, I am just going to throw it away. It was too hard to do by hand and then it looked terrible and I stuck myself several times. Now we have a cabinet that is of no use.

It was sad to say "goodbye" to it. I made a lot of clothes with it - for Cindy, you, Mamaw, Nanmama, me, and Kenneth and I think even Ginger when she was little. Kenneth said I got my money's woth out of it. But I thought if I bought a singer and serviced ever once in a while it would like a lifetime.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

another try by Daddy Ken

We are going to the movies today just because of you. Jo Faye said you sent money for us to go .We have not been for a long time .It is my fault Just don't think it is worth the money. We could buy one for less coast .Also we can get some of Cindy movies to watch.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Know Who!

These are some of the cousins. Starting at the bottom, Tyler, Caleb, Josh, Staci, Jon, Ginger, and Julie. Of course Bryan and Brady are missing.

This is Steve riding a monstor bike! (notice the riding gloves he is wearing!)

Who am I ?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Kenneth's Cousin - Rob

Yesterday, May 31, Kenneth, Steve, and I attended Rob's funeral (Kenneth's cousin), which was a celebration of his life. Steve surprised us by calling and I asked him how the weather was there and he said it was hazy. I said it was hazy here, too. Then he told me he was about 30 miles away. I was so happy that he was coming to go with us. Steve had to work after he got here. He brought his laptop and set it up in the middle bedroom and worked til noon.

It was wonderful seeing relatives we had not seen in years. I cannot remember when so many relatives gathered since Mama Mary's funeral. They came from everywhere- as far away as San Diego. That says a lot for Rob. I have never heard any more nice things said about anyone before. He will be missed. The eulogy was beautiful and the front of the church was covered in gorgeous flowers. The church was packed.

Steve pointed out to me on the program "Gene Stallings" - which meant nothing to me at the time, but he later told me he had coached the Cowboys with Tom Landry at one time. His daughter married Keith (Rob's son). They talked about Rob's sense of humor and how he had asked Joe Baisden (the preacher) to keep the service upbeat and sing lots of songs, which they did.

We followed the hearse to the cemetery (which was several miles) and waited and waited for the family to show up (only family were to go to the cemetery), but it was getting late and we had not had lunch, it was hot and the ground was soft and hard to stand on. My heels had mud half was up.

Anyway, we left, as a couple of others had done also. On our way back, we met the family (about 10 cars), but we did not turn around and go back. We went to Chick-Fil-A where Bryan works and ate lunch. We even shared a milk shake (mint cookies and cream - delicious!) We saw Bryan and he was totally surprised saying "What are y'all doing here?" He was mostly surprised to see Steve.

We came home and changed our clothes and Steve started getting his things together. Cindy called to talk to Steve and then Staci called and it was funny watching that - Steve holding the cell phone (on speaker) next to the land phone so Cindy and Staci could talk to each other. Technology today is mind boggling, to me. Steve left about 6 and called us twice, once after the "Y" and then just before he got home. We are always so thankful to learn that he made it home safely!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lord of the Rings Day

Kenneth had never seen a complete Lord of the Rings movie. When JoFaye saw the first one she fell in love with it and bought the trilogy set. One day this week around noon, they were looking for a movie and decided it was time for Kenneth to see the Lord of the Rings. They started with the first movie at noon and finished the third one somewhere after 10 p.m.

They only stopped for a few bathroom breaks and to eat lunch and supper. What a day!

How long has it been since you watched the entire trilogy in one sitting?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just look at bryan

Jo Faye, Kenneth, & Bryan in the first picture and Cindy, Jo Faye, & Bryan in the second picture. Notice how short Jo Faye is and how tall Bryan is.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Our Family!

We just love the times when we get a whole bunch of our family together! We also like it when the pictures of good times come up on our computer screen. We have a great family!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Time goes by to fast for us.

Soon it will be May,15 th .That is the night we gathered together at my Mother and Daddy's ,to join our life's as man and wife. Soon Jo Faye began to grow larger finally our beloved son Steve came into our union . What a wonderful day that was . After that day Jo Faye and I have been blessed more than anyone could expect. Steven has been all that ether of us could have hoped for .For that matter,I am sure that GOD would say the same. Later Jo Faye did it once more ,this time she gave birth to the sweetest little girls this world will ever know,she is called Cindy. Again we were blessed. Both have given us 3 grandchildren who have again made us verry proud. So far only one Great Grandchild ,Not bad forso few years ,lets see what the next few years bring........

Sunday, April 8, 2007

you send Jo Faye out to get pictures and this is whae you get.....

Saturday, March 31, 2007

we are just fine

I hope you are is a good thing to be in.Love is oh so much better ,we are in both therefore all of us should be very happy. Just take a look . do you see any unhappy faces? I could not. all the unhappy folk in our family are pictured on this page....................

Friday, March 30, 2007

I am back

Jo Faye and I have watched,Gone in 60 seconds, What women want ,and the Thomas Crown Affair just for 3. This it something we have not done for a long time . The were mostly good movies. Cindy brought a bunch over ,it is nice to sit all the way thruogh a movie ,not having to get up to smoke. None of you could even guess,how hard that used to be for me... I am so glad I got the habit gone from my life. It also saves a ton of money. I am paying some of the bills ,like,gas,water,and cable vision , and have money to save, just out of the smoking money. Also can purchase things like an all in one printer scanner ,copier . You know smokes increased in price ten bucks a carton just last month . About that Brody, he is just out of this world good looking ,and oh those eyes ,must be kin to Steven Hastings, or maybe even his Daddy Ken . We sure do love him and his family . It is nice to have a wife who can repair things so you do not have to buy new. I guess this is about enough for now. LOVE YOU ALL DADDY KEN

Monday, March 26, 2007

finaly got on

You would not be able to guess just how hard it has been to just get on this blog. Now that I am here I realy have not much to say , mostly Jo Faye and I just sit and watch Anna . There is not much news .Cindy brought over 4 movies, cant even remember the names .We watched 3 the first day one twice the seconed . After that I slept most of the time . I get up in the middle of the gamesnight and read the mail and play games. I do read Blogs too, when you all write. Will try to do better the next time .. LOVE Daddy ken

Raining All Day

It's been raining here all day long! Makes me kind of sleepy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chili Pepper This is my puppy's as they take a nap on the bed . I don't know how they got on different lines, guess it was chili's idea. It would be because she is on top in the picture. After all chili is the only one who has such ideas. Guss you noticed JO Faye is not in bed with them .She must be cooking breakfust . Mabe not . Dressed like that she must be going to church. she still looks about 21 or 22. I sure am a lucky guy , right..............

Monday, March 12, 2007

My wife's life

The usual for Jo Faye and her pups. Pepper almost always holds her down while she watches T V. They love to lay on the couch , this is our old couch ,it is the same on the new one..Jo Faye thinks Chili and Pepper are her children, since Steve and CINDY don't live hear any more .I heard that lots of people think of there pets that way. Lots of people even sleep with them.. Any way when Jo Faye is not working , she usualy spends most of her time as you see her above. Just wanted you all to know what she does..Love from Daddy ken

Friday, March 9, 2007

my daughter

Cindy with her family Dave Brady Ginger and Bryan. She has done a great job with her kids. They are well manered and also do verrry well in school, A's and B's. Bryan and Brady play instruments of music. Bryan also works at Chickfilla. We are verry proud of all our family, and always will be .Ginger works at scott And white hospital, Dave for the U .S. government. Life would be verrry dull without Cindy and hers.......

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Joan and her mother

Steve sure found a keeper in Joan ,as I did in J o Faye . May 15th we will have been married for 55 years .I did not expect to live that long. It has been wonderful . We made Steve and he has been the the pride of our life .I know of no other man who spreads more joy around others lives.I think Joan kinda likes him too. Now Stacy has given us one great grandson,Brody. I am not good at this. Just know that we are happy in love after all this time. Now what is next?

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Company Comes to our House!

We are celebrating Kenneths birthday this weekend! Photos later!

Friday, March 2, 2007

This is an often sight at our house, Jo Faye cooks a lot for family. In my opinion she is the best cook in the world . Her chocolate pies are truly a winner Her potatoes are like desert, no one can cook steak that melts in your mouth as she can .The gravy she is pouring up will make anyone say yummy. Just look at her smile ,who wouldn't wish for a wife like that. Who could not ask for a son such as Steven Ray . WE hope to see him soon ,along with his family . Such a wonderful family . Love all Daddy Ken

Thursday, March 1, 2007


I have too much trouble just getting on my blog spot to do much blogging. It took me almost an hour to get this far. Now I can not remember what I was going to say . Know that I did try to get something done. Looking into Brody' s eyes mostly all I can do is smile, he is just so handsome, and those eyes just tug at your heart strings .We wish he were not so far away. We would love to be able to hold him more often. We do love all of our family...Will try to do better next time . Love Daddy Ken

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Jo Faye Always takes me to the Dr. .About ten years ago we just went for an annual visit . After we got home a letter came what it said was ,Kenneth will be dead in less than 5 years. So I thought I'll just show him so far I have and hope to do so for some time to come. That was one reason I quit smoking. Just look to your left and you can see another. Is she beautiful.Sure am glad she loves me too